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Art Progression from 2018 to 2022

Posted by Ferhandi3466 - 1 month ago

Hello, fellow NG users around the world, im here to share my art experience starting as a joke and then become real

Starting from 2018 when i still have laptop, i was trying to draw since i have a Medibang on it, it turns out welliu_651331_7860074.jpg

This picture taken 3 years ago and 1 day after this laptop got sold, the art was from 2018

This art was a joke, but i didn't know it turns out well XD

Fast forward to December 2020 when i broke up with my 4th girlfriends, i was starting to draw art again and not as a joke, after a couple of months learning, i made it


This art was complete in January 2021

I was surprised when it is finished, many people (even my art trainer) was surprised for this art

I was trying to make my art looks like anime, so in around April 2021 i make this art as well as i am also back from Newgrounds


The improvement progression was very slow from time to time bcoz im not too well at practicing something

At November 2021 i was trying to make a new artstyle, but i was failed to continue it for unknown reasons

You can check here for the new failed artstyle

A drama happens to me, i was hiatus from art for a couple months, while i was hiatus, i was doing some improvement to my art with my art trainer silently, and here's what i got after im back from hiatus on January 18 - 2022


This is the time when i got a motivation, and do a lot of small improvement each months with my art trainer

And this is what i got so far after doing lots of improvement in the last 4 months as well as i am also changing my drawing app


Now focusing on making background, i hope i can making a perfect and detailed background before end of 2022

Thanks for reading my art progression from 2018 to 2022 from joke to serious hobby




yer doin' great, mate

Thanks :3, and one thing to say
Your artstyle is unique, keep that up! I really like it

That's some excellent progression! Should be exciting to see what happens from here, progress is a lifelong adventure. Every year dedicated to your passions bear fruit. Posts like this are an important, highlight what you have accomplished and what you plan to in the future.

Genuinely difficult question, where do you see yourself in 5 years? I had a teacher in highschool highlight the importance of that question more than 15 years ago. Taking stock of your goals can help drive you towards them. You might not end up where you wanted to be in 5 years but I find the drive to make those desires reality have led to many powerful lessons and changes.

Some cultures prefer focusing in on "the now" more so than the past or present. You can't meet goals in 5 years if you don't take steps "right now," so I guess you can just focus on whatever time period makes you happy. What can you do "right now" to make that five year plan play out the way you want it? Is more school on the agenda?

Thank you so much!
5 years from now? If yes, my plan is gonna be a freelancer or any kind of work that requires art to gain money, i was also making a short stories just for fun and starting from now, i will always doing some improvement even it is only a little improvement, without my art trainer, i never going this far from art, i usually take this as joke, but now i realized, Hobby isn't a joke anymore

I am very thankful to you for giving this awesome response, same goes to others who replied :3

You're doing it great!!! Keep improving and you will go further

Well yeah! I have a mission going on right now
This year focusing on background and details, next year focusing on perspective (Anatomy or Background)

thats one smooth progress you made there bruh~! keep on keep on keep on movin that pencil of yours~! you made one big leap on your anatomy!

Thanks, without my art trainer that help me a lot, i never going to have an improvement like that

Damn you're improvements are unreal, I love it. Keep up and never give up.

It was just a joke at first, but looks like it's now become my serious hobby, well... Glad to see i have found my hobby, if it's not bcoz if my art trainer saying that my art was improve, i never known it

You're doing great, it looks like you're already learning anatomy and trying new things! Keep it up and you'll be an expert! :)

Ehe, i will always trying news things quietly, i even dont know that my improvement got that far if not my art trainer telling me

keep going, man

Thanks :3